It’s easy to start home schooling with the Vine

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of homeschooling, but know your current situation has to change?

We take the guess work out of homeschooling. We file the private school affidavit with the State of California. Your responsibility in record keeping with the state is to fill out monthly attendance records in our office.

We take the guess work out of curriculum choices. Our Curriculum Advisor reviews our curriculum each year to make sure that what our students are learning is the best Christian and educationally advanced curriculum possible.

Our program currently goes through 8th grade. At the end of that time, a good portion of our students are ready to hit the advanced placement classes in public schools, continue homeschooling, or seamlessly merge into Christian High Schools.

Your student’s teacher will be a mentor teacher. All of our teachers have successfully home schooled their own children, and are “pros” at home schooling. Our teachers teach our students in a classroom setting two days a week. Families learn at home three days a week. Teachers and parent mentors will work with you to ensure your learning days at home are productive, fun and enjoyable. We work with students who need extra challenges to keep them engaged, and we can help modify schoolwork for students that might need extra attention, or those with learning challenges.

You get to set the schedule on your home days. This allows for family time, sports activities, ministry options, etc.

We would love to talk to you about our program, feel free to call the office at 949-280-8641.

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