Upcoming Events at the Vine

On February 1, Tuesday, we are going to have our first C.H.A.T. (Creative Home-school and Teaching).  Our T/Th teachers who were all long time home-schoolers will be sitting in a forum and you will have the opportunity to ask them questions.  We will have a place in the office to collect your questions and we hope that this evening will be just the start of coming alongside all of you to make the most of these wonderful years of homeschooling your children.

You can invite any of your friends who are homeschooling as well.


Feb 10 – 8:45-9:30 – Our First Meet and Greet – Open House for prospective families – invite your friends!


Also coming

Feb….All School Picnic

March – Seaworld Field Trip

April  – Poetry Assembly – all school

Details of school events are in school calendar for parents and staff.

Pilgrim’s Place

In November we went to Claremont to the Pilgrim Place. It is a retirement community for retired missionaries. During this weekend every year in November the community puts on a Pilgrim festival and fair. The kids got to see time period crafts and art pieces including the looming process, knitting, stained glasses, gems and crystals and wood toys that the pilgrim children would have had. We also got to ride on the Mayflower and our tour guide on their told us the story of the story of coming to the new land. We had a great time and would definitely make this an annual trek.

pictures coming soon ….

Julian Field Trip

Monday October 11th we had an all school field trip to Julian.  We had a great time takinga Native American Tour at the Julian Mining Company.  The kids learned and practiced throwing tomahawks, made trading jewelry pieces like the Indians, learned to shoot bows and arrows, grind acorns for food purposes and weave yucca for items such as shoes, baskets and rope.  Then we went apple picking and into the small town Julian for apple pie and then headed home.  It was a long day but so much fun.

Learning about weaving

sitting on animal skins

The whole Crew


Cheese and apples

Thank you to Amber Orduna and Kathy Tanaka for photos and the recap.

Fire Station Field Trip

The first field trip of the year for the Kindergarten and First Graders was to the local fire station.  There, they learned about fire safety, having a family escape plan, and the infamous, “STOP, DROP and ROLL”.

Both informative and fun, at least in our household, I’m still hearing safety tips two weeks later.

Field Trip to California Pizza Kitchen

Last week the Kindergarten and First Grade classes were able to see in person how a pizza is made.  Not only that, they were allowed to create their own masterpiece.  Much fun was had by all.

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It's Summertime

We hope you are having a fun summer.

We wanted to post a few pictures of the most recent events including the all school beach day, and promotion night.

If you have some pictures you’d like to include please send to coneil@totalresourceconnection.com